USS Sea Leopard Reunions

Members of the crew have met at various times to enjoy each other's company, talk over old times, and catch up on what everybody's doing. The Association was formed during the 2003 reunion held in Virginia Beach, but there had also been opportunities to get together in 1992, 1994 and 1995.

If you're a Sea Leopard veteran, you can e-mail the Association Commander or the Sea Leopard Webmaster to get back in touch with your shipmates!

Next reunion:

·         2019 Reunion-Virginia Beach, VA-Joint Reunion with SSSBS (SubRon Six Smoke Boat Sisters) (dates to be determined)

Past Reunions:

·         2017-May 11-14 Chattanooga, TN (Reunion Photos) (Plan of the Day) (Sailing List)

·         2015-April 30-May 3 Virginia Beach, VA-Joint with SSSBS  (Reunion Photos) (Sailing List)

·         2013-June 10-14-Buffalo, NY.  (Reunion Photos) (Sailing List)

·         2011-April 28-May 1 Virginia Beach, VA-Joint with SSSBS  (Reunion Photos) (Sailing List)

·         2009-April 22-25 Jacksonville, FL  (Reunion Photos) (Sailing List)

·         2007-May 23-28 Mobile, AL-Date 23 May-28 May Joint with Sirago and Cutlass.  (Reunion Photos) (Sailing List)

·         2005-April 23-27 Branson, MO (Reunion Photos) (Sailing List)

·         2003-April 30-May 4 Virginia Beach, VA (Reunion Photos)


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