Web Site Change Log

This is a reverse chronological list of changes the Webmaster has made to the website since December 10, 2006. Information about previous changes are lost to the world.
Updates to the “Crew List” are an ongoing process and are not considered a “change” and do not appear in this log.


·         07/08/17   Redesigned External Patrol list to include available Obit information

·         02/01/17   Updated 2017 Reunion page

·         01/29/17   Updated About Site Page, added association officer’s pictures

·         09/08/16   Corrected text on Welcome Page

·         09/01/16   Added link to Sirago newsletter “What happened to the Sea Leopard?”

·         08/28/16   Added Link in 2017 Reunion page to the Choo Choo Hotel

·         08/11/16   Added 13 crew members received via Webmaster email.

·         08/09/16   Added item to LINKS, added hyperlink in Chattanooga Reunion information

·         07/12/16 - Added 2017 Chattanooga Reunion information (tentative event schedule)

·         07/05/16 - Major review and update of crew list including Eternal Patrol and Commissioning Crew
Verified and updated all email addresses

·         06/20/16 - Contracted for “Site Lock” to prevent future hacking of our site

·         07/01/16 - Established site backup policy for fast recovery of site

·         06/17/16 - Updated association officers as per 2015 Reunion election:
                  Commander & Webmaster Paul Nasso (STS2)
                  Vice Commander John Radens (FT2)
                  Secretary/Treasurer James Latterell (MMC)

·         06/15/16 - Recovered site after major successful hacking attack causing site shutdown

·         06/25/13 - Entered the 2013 Officer Election results from the 2013 Buffalo Reunion.

·         02/27/13 - Added Joe Bonds to Eternal Patrol (RIP).

·         02/20/13 - Installed Word Press New Blog.

·         02/15/13 - Reactivated site, added Buffalo 2013 Reunion link, updated several pages.

·         07/13/09 - Updated the database to record the passing of Charles Burlew. He went on Eternal Patrol 11 May 2002. Added a picture of him furnished by his son, Charles Jr.

·         06/28/09 - Incorporated links to photo albums from the 2009 reunion uploaded by Dan Laemont and Phil Somerset on the Picasa service.

·         06/26/09 - Added photos contributed by Charles Wert, son of TMC Woodrow Wert. Pictures date from 1948-1951. They are embedded in the History photos and are also viewable from the Collection section.

·         05/26/09 - Increased the number of names displayed on each page of the crew list pages. This was suggested by Dan Burke based on the perception that members are now more likely to have faster connections and faster PCs.

·         05/20/09 - Woodrow (Woody) Wert TMC(SS) on Eternal Patrol per email from his son.

·         03/19/09 - Placed John Branch RM1/c (Plankowner) on Eternal Patrol per email from Ed Schuele.

·         02/22/09 - Created and added link to blog.

·         02/10/09 - Placed Joe Wainscott RM2(SS) on Eternal Patrol.

·         01/17/09 - Joined the Silent Service WebRing.

·         01/11/09 - Added notation to Commissioning Crew picture and Eternal Patrol list for Ellis Pentecost F1c(MoMM).

·         11/28/07-11/30/07 - Major reorganization to reorganize the Photo Browser to make it easier to find pictures. Also to use CSSs (Cascading Style Sheets). Incorporated 2007 Reunion Photos from Karen Sleeth.

·         07/19/07 - Placed STCS(SS) Jan Dyer on Eternal Patrol per Jerry Bliss. Jan passed away on 7/18/07

·         06/27/07 - Placed ENFN Ernest M. Wilcox on Eternal Patrol per Rich McCamant email to Mike Bickel.

·         04/26/07 - Updated Eternal Patrol list per Sirago 2/07 Newsletter.

·         01/29/07 - Added photo of Charles Roberts on Med trip in 1957.

·         01/17/07 - Added shipmate entry for RM1 Julian Galloway, 58-60, per his 1/15/07 email to Mike Bickel.

·         12/30/06 - Added shipmate entry for LT Gene Dempsey, 66-68, per Rich McCamant's 11/22/06 email to Mike Bickel .

·         12/14/06 - Added shipmate entry for Harold Ryan RM3/c, Plankowner, per son Mark per 12/13/06 email.

·         12/10/06 - Added email address for Rich Golkosky to database per his email.

·         12/10/06 - Placed ETC James R. Patterson on Eternal Patrol. Chief Patterson died on 16 Nov 2006 of a heart attack. His death was reported to Mike Bickel by Boyd Bywater.

·         12/10/06 - Added email address for Boyd Bywater to database from his email to Mike Bickel

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